How to remove ESlLnt on Sage WordPress Theme

You need to disable eslint in the /theme-name/resources/assets/build/webpack.base.conf.js. Here’s what you file probably looks like. *This file is from a Sage 9 alpha version, so your’s might be different. Welcome to the open-source life lol. ‘use strict’; // eslint-disable-line const … Continued

Rename WordPress Default Post Type

Change WP’s default “post” type menu and overall labels to anything you want, by replacing every instance of “post” using the code below with your desired label. Post this code in your theme’s functions.php file.

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Disable Comments and Commenting from WordPress

Completely disable the commenting system on your WordPress site.


  If you have any questions about how to disable comments in WordPress, you’re welcome to ask me on Disqus or get in touch with a WordPress developer … Continued

Change Archive Post Number for Custom Post Type

Modify the number of WordPress posts or custom posts to be displayed on a custom archive page by adding this filter to your functions.php file in WordPress.

  Change the number of “posts_per_page” to meet your specs, if you … Continued

Add Content or Description to Featured Image Meta Box


Remove WP post editor for specific page templates