Remove WP Admin Bar if user level is below…


Install Sage, NPM, Bower & Glup on Ubuntu

I’ve updated these instructions to handle some issues syncing NPM with Sage on Ubuntu 14. Sage has become one of the preferred starter themes used by an industry leading WordPress development company. I don’t know how long these specific instructions will work for, but right now … Continued

Rename WordPress Default Post Type

Change WP’s default “post” type menu and overall labels to anything you want, by replacing every instance of “post” using the code below with your desired label. Post this code in your theme’s functions.php file.

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WordPress Command Line

Use WP CLI to automate and execute on WordPress tasks from the command line, instead of the WP admin dashboard. Especially useful for installing wordpress, backups and updates of wordpress and it’s plugins, changing option values and adding users. Here’s … Continued