Website Sceenshots from Terminal using Webkit2png

Looking for a quick and easy way to capture webpage screenshots from Terminal? Webkit2png is a CLI tool build on Python for Mac OS X that can create a scrolling screenshot of a webpage using the rendering engine in Safari.


Example of the current command to use for OS X El Capitan.

webkit2png -W 1920 --ignore-ssl-check

How does it work?

  • webkit2png is the primary command once the script is installed
  • -W 1920 is setting the script to render the screenshot at a width of 1920px
  • is the webpage to be rendered as a png
  • --ignore-ssl-check flag is needed to get webkit2png to work with new app security protocols in OSX Capitan.

If you’re having trouble getting webkit2png to work with OS X El Capitan, read this Github pull request and try the patch. Webkit2png is simply a single python script file, so you can quickly overwrite your current version with the patch until a permanent solution is published.