Delete JSON data from file via the Command Line

Use jq to delete certain fields from json data and save a new file without the excess data.


Merge Two JSON Files to Combine Data using Command Line

Need to combine and merge the data of two json files? Use this jq command line snippet to combine and merge two sets of json data into a new json file.


xpath div contains specific text() or content

Write an XPath for the div based on its contained text. With the implicit . or the explicit string() first argument, all text node descendants are concatenated together before performing the contains()test, so the test passes.

Combine JSON files from a directory using jq

How to merge 2 or more json files into one array for all using terminal? Use jq! Navigate to the directory, and run this jq command.

Using the -s option will return an array containing the contents of the input JSON files, … Continued