xpath div contains specific text() or content

Write an XPath for the div based on its contained text. With the implicit . or the explicit string() first argument, all text node descendants are concatenated together before performing the contains()test, so the test passes.

Combine JSON files from a directory using jq

How to merge 2 or more json files into one array for all using terminal? Use jq! Navigate to the directory, and run this jq command.

Using the -s option will return an array containing the contents of the input JSON files, … Continued

Best Practices for Logo Sizes

Best Practices for Structuring Your Logo Design Project Vector Format. Request your logo designer provide a vector version of your logo. This allows for editing and changes later on. Vector Programs. The master file should be required in a vector program such as Illustrator … Continued

MYSQL Dump from Command Line

Upated Instruction 1/31/2019 Basic mysqldump command. The -p flag will prompt you for your password later. Fill in the example_text with your info. mysqldump -u user_name -p database_name > desired_file_name.sql To dump a database from a remote database host you … Continued