Rename WordPress Default Post Type

Change WP’s default “post” type menu and overall labels to anything you want, by replacing every instance of “post” using the code below with your desired label. Post this code in your theme’s functions.php file.

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Add custom posts types to wp_get_archives()

Wp_get_archives() controls the display of monthly archives, amongst other things. It may be important to display not only regular posts, but also your custom post types in your monthly archive pages. Add this code snippet to your functions.php file.


Make my WordPress custom post types multilingual with Polylang

By adding the following filter to the functions.php or custom.php of the child theme, we have enabled custom post types to use Polylang.  Adding this filter to the functions.php of my child theme worked for me.

My post type was … Continued

Display custom post types on your WordPress home or blog page

Want to display your WordPress site’s custom posts on the default homepage blogroll or on the page you set to be the default blog page? This requires making a conditional statement in your functions.php regarding is_home().