Remove the :-) Smiley from the Footer of a WordPress site

Do you have a little 🙂 tracking pixel smiley at the bottom of your WordPress website? This is how you fix it.

Is JetPack enabled?

The 🙂 is a tracking pixel from Jetpack’s site stats. Edit the settings for statistics in Jetpack and check the option to “hide the smiley”. To find the toggle, click the down arrow on the Site Stats panel under the Traffic Settings.



Other Solution

Go to Settings > Writing. Deselect the first option under Formatting that says Convert emoticons like 🙂 and 😛 to graphics on display. 

That should remove it. If that doesn’t work try disabling all plugins and enabling them one at a time. Also, scan the page for broken div tags using an HTML code validator.

See this screenshot for a visual of the formatting option you need to uncheck.

how to remove wordpress smiley from footer