Remove or hide embedded google map’s info bubble or info window

When embedding a google map, the info window is not typically displayed centered and often gets cut off of the google map’s iframe window. This can be frustrating and displeasing to the eye. A simple fix can be to hide the google map info window from the initial page load. The click event still remains, and when clicked, the map centers on the info window and map pin/marker.

To change how the info window is displayed, you must replace a piece of the embed code provided by Google Maps:

Find: iwloc=addr or iwloc=A
Replace with: iwloc=near

*if iwloc=addr does not exist, add &iwloc=near to the end of the iFrame’s src="...[insert here]"

and voilà, there you have it!

Map with Info Bubble

Map with Hidden Info Bubble