Morgan Stanley’s Photographer Shares 6 Tips for Taking a Professional Headshot

Camera 1 is a New York City’s premier corporate photography studio, serving as event, corporate, and portrait photographers to Fortune 500 companies like Morgan Stanley, Amazon, and Disney.

We understand how important your online presence is to your career or job search. Let’s face the reality of today’s business world, it all starts with a great headshot.

Did you know that on average in the United States, hiring managers make ~20% of interview offers based on profile pictures? Regardless of what’s on your experience list, your profile picture is your first impression and it needs to capture, compel and convert. At Camera 1, we have taken thousands of headshots to be used in the corporate world. From corporate portraits of Fortune 500 CEOs to headshots of young professionals for their LinkedIn profile, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

In this article, we’ll share our five tips for taking your best corporate headshot. Whether you plan to take a headshot for your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter bio, or a business website, it will see by thousands of your colleagues and peers. Why not turn it into a high-value asset for your job search?

Wear your most flattering outfit for a business meeting.

Wear your most flattering business attire, suitable for a meeting with your superiors or clients. We recommend sticking to colors like medium to dark gray, or navy blue suits. Make sure you’re comfortable with what you are wearing, it will help to improve your look of confidence on camera.

Avoid seasonal styles and trends.

Be sure to avoid the following styles: seasonal fabrics, seasonal colors, plaids and floral prints. They are overly opinionated and time sensitive. Unless you plan to update your headshot seasonally, you want to stick with a style that looks great all year.

Schedule your photo shoot in the late morning day.

Schedule your portrait session earlier in the day in order to look your best. If you schedule your photo shoot in the afternoon, you risk facing uncertain stresses that may pop up throughout the day. These stresses of the day will now up on your facial expression. Hair gets messy and makeup fades as you go about your day. We recommend coming in earlier in the day, after your morning meetings and coffee break, but before you return from lunch.

Get your haircut the week before.

Planning on getting a haircut before your portrait? We recommend doing it a week in advance.

If getting a haircut for your portrait, try having it cut at least a couple days if not a week before. This allows time for you to grow into it the new haircut and become comfortable styling it. It will help you look more natural on camera. For women, blowouts and professional styling the day of is fine. For men with fades or low cut hairstyles, clean lineups to clear up any stable is recommended.

Men’s Essential Style Tips

1. Avoid Oxford style button down collar shirts. Wear a button-down shirt that has a standard, non-buttoning collar.

2. Guys, make sure to have a fresh shave. There’s no way to remove a five o’clock shadow, unless you want to hire a retouching artist to draw on a new face (which trust us you don’t). Beards or mustaches should be neatly trimmed. Shave clean lines, clear us any stubble, and trim any rouge hairs sticking out.

Women’s Essential Style Tips

1. Ladies, wear your normal amount of make-up, accentuating the eyes (just a little), you may add lip-gloss to keep your lips from looking dry and a little powder will avoid an oily appearance.

2. Keep your jewelry simple and conservative. Consider the overall composition of the photo. The objective to to showcase the first impression of you, not to showcase your jewelry however nice it may be.

Stay hydrated and get a good nights sleep.

Most importantly, get a good night’s sleep the night before your corporate photo shoot! Drinking plenty of water and getting a good nights sleep will dramatically reduce the appearance of dark circles of under eyes and help you look your best.

Now that you’re fully briefed on how to take a professional headshot for LinkedIn, it’s time to book your photo shoot. Be sure to find a professional photography studio close to your home or work. Convenient access to the photography studio is going to be key to feeling and looking your best the day of the shoot. Camera 1, corporate photographer NYC, has a state-of-the-art studio located in Times Square, close to most Subway lines. Be sure to consider our studio if you work in near Midtown, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, etc. or if we’re along your commute. We hope these tips help you to level-up your professional image online and advance your career.