Magento 2 New CMS Pages Not Loading

Anytime I add a new CMS page from the admin dashboard, it Magento generates a no-route 404 page not found error. After days of meticulous troubleshooting across multiple installs and versions of Magento 2.x.x, I’ve discovered a one way to get the pages to load.

After creating the page and saving it from cms/page/new.
I have to go back to /cms/page/index, select layout, assign a new layout (like changing from 2 columns with right bar, to 1 column), and Save. Then select Action > View. Only after following that specific sequence will any CMS page load.

I’ve tested this in both developer and production modes. Currently tested this on Magento v2.1.10-rc2, Ubuntu 14.04, Nginx, and PHP 7.0.6.

Hope this workaround help you avoid this pitfall!

Follow this issue on GitHub for further updates.