KEI Formula Calculation

What is the formula for calculating KEI?

Here is the formula for calculating KEI, Keyword Effectiveness Index:

Plug this formula into Excel and replace the items respectively.

If you need to find the data source for volume of searches and number of competitors try SEM Rush. It’s a great keyword research tool.
For example, the keyword phrase “stock fraud attorney”, has a daily search volume of 91 (as per Wordtracker) and 7,830,000 competing web pages*. Using the KEI formula, the KEI for “stock fraud attorney” is (91)^2/(7,830,000) = 0.001. In most case, keywords with a KEI greater than 1.00 are what you want, but for specialized keywords this can be nearly impossible to find.

The keyword “securities attorney” would be a better choice. By taking the daily search volume of 3,056 and the number of competing web pages of 12,900,000 the KEI would be (320)^2/(12,900,000) = .007. Which is a better KEI than .001.

What is KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)?

  • KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) is a proposed standard formula to calculate how competitive and popular a set of keywords in search engines.
  • KEI for a keyword phrase is formulated as,
  • KEI = (Number of Monthly Keyword Searches)^2 / (Competing Pages)

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