How to set post first image as featured image automatically

As a developer (or someone who’s made a mess of their WordPress site) you may run into a case where you have lots of posts, but none of them have featured images (perviously referred to as thumbnail posts). Today mosts themes rely heavily on featured images for displaying dynamic content. These is one simple plugin I’ve found that can save hours of tedious manual featured image setting. This plugin will automatically set the first image as the featured image for a post.

It’s called Easy Add Thumbnail and it’s available for free in the WordPress repository.

I recently had a client who is a photographer. The client had added over 500 posts with out featured images. They had just been adding the media directly into the post then showing the entire post content in the blog roll. When they showed the mockups for the proposed site redesign, it looked straight forward. However, upon opening up the hood and assessing how the site was put together I was shocked. How could the original “developer” built such a poorly designed system? Sometimes I feel like I see cases of bad web design and poor development practices more often than not. Using Easy Add Thumbnail, I was able to quickly generate thumbnail for all the posts, hide the post content in the display of latest posts, then make the desired style and layout changes for the client. I hope this plugin helps you as much as it help me.


Here’s a script I recently found on GitHub. I haven’t tested it, but it looks like it could be a potential solution for users who want their featured image to be automatically set each time they make a new post.