MYSQL Dump from Command Line

Upated Instruction 1/31/2019 Basic mysqldump command. The -p flag will prompt you for your password later. Fill in the example_text with your info. mysqldump -u user_name -p database_name > desired_file_name.sql To dump a database from a remote database host you … Continued

WordPress Nginx Server Configuration Files

Example File for a WordPress + Nginx Server Configuration You can use these files for a high perfomrance WordPress server configuration. The configuration uses Nginx, Varinish caching and the W3 Total Cache Plugin. The Github page also contains a link … Continued

Install Webmin

How to Install Webmin This tutorial will provide step by step instruction on how to install Webmin on an Ubuntu sever using Apt-Get. Webmin is a Unix administration system great which is great for putting a UI on your cloud … Continued