Contact Form 7 + Bootstrap Example

Here is an example of a Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin configuration integrated with the correct Bootstrap form and button classes. This code may be used as a Contact Form 7 Template, to help you get set up faster. The form labels are embed in the form input area, rather than on the side or above each input.The name field is preset to 225 characters max (see the “/225” directive) so you can adjust that accordingly. Please excuse any issues with this code snippet, it keeps overwriting as I have been updating this post. WordPress text editor keeps adding a close text shortcode. Let me know by commenting if you have any other examples you would like to see!

With Single Name Field

Contact Form 7 Bootstrap Template

[email* email class:form-control placeholder="Email" language="*"]
[tel* phone class:form-control placeholder "Telephone"]

[textarea message class:form-control placeholder "What's up?"]

[submit class:btn class:btn-default "Send"]