Coda and GoDaddy Shared Hosting FTP Setup

Connecting to GoDaddy Deluxe Hosting can be a pain in the ass. It’s like working with Window 98. The GoDaddy shared hosting system is outdated and although newer account include Cpanel, you may encounter clients with older accounts who refuse to give them up.

If you’re a frontend dev working in OSX with Coda, connecting to GoDaddy shared hosting is a nightmare. Don’t even bother calling their tech support team, they don’t have  an answer. All they will do is google some shit, put you on hold, then suggest using Filezilla or some other dated FTP client. GFY GoDaddy tech support, here’s the proper config to use for Coda. If you work at GoDaddy and are reading this, you do not have my permission to publishing this information on GoDaddy’s website without providing credit to this source.


GoDaddy Shared Hosting FTP Configuration for Coda 2 Mac OS X

Host: (or depending on how your dns records are set)

Username: try the primary username for the account first

Password: whatever you set it to (if you reset it takes like 5 minutes… seriously)

Connection Type: FTP

Passive Mode: Enables (click the check box)

Port: 21


Troubleshooting GoDaddy Shared Hosting FTP on Coda

If you are using this config and run into issues you likely have one of the following problems.

Wrong username or password.

Too many simultaneous connections (make sure some other GoDaddy Genius doesn’t have their FileZilla open on the server)

Security certificate conflicts (this is more advances than I’ll be covering in this post, but basically you might need to clear your certs on Coda).