Change Media Upload Folder from wp-content/uploads

To change the folder to which your media uploads will save, you need to add one of the following code snippets to the wp-config.php file.

If you want the media files to be enclosed within another photos, ie assets/photography instead of wp-contents/uploads, then copy the first line of code, replacing wp-content with the top level folder that will sit in your root directory. Then replace files, with the folder that will hold the media files.


Use this option if you would like to have one folder in the root directory of your wordpress install that will house your photography.


It’s important to be mindful when naming the wordpress media folders as they will reflect the public url slug of your images ( This does play into the search engine visibility of your site and of the images in ie. google image search. If photography is a main source of content on your website, carefully consider the keywords to properly describe your content.