Best Practices for Logo Sizes

Best Practices for Structuring Your Logo Design Project

  1. Vector Format. Request your logo designer provide a vector version of your logo. This allows for editing and changes later on.
  2. Vector Programs. The master file should be required in a vector program such as Illustrator or Sketch so that you or your designer can scale it up to any size you need.
  3. Long and Wide. You need a horizontal and vertical version of your logo. Consider all of the places your logo will be placed; website, hats, t-shirts, car wraps, business cards, and more and more…
  4. File Size. For online profiles, be sure to keep your logo image size smaller than 200KB, best if it were under 100KB.
  5. White and Black. You need your logo in a black version and white version as well as your full color version. Your logo should be recognizable on many different backgrounds and formats.

Logo Dimensions Are In Pixels


Social Media Logo Sizes

Below is a list of standard dimensions based on more popular sizes. Then there are some optional dimensions for other social media or mobile options.

  • Facebook: 200px x 200px
    • allow Facebook to crop to 180 x 180 so you have a full border
  • Google+: 250px x 250px
  • Twitter: 400px x 400px
  • YouTube Channel icon: 98px x 98px
  • LinkedIn: 300px x 300px
  • LinkedIn Company: 1536px x 768px
  • Instagram: 110px x 110px
  • Pinterest: 165px x 165px

Best Practices for Website Logos

  • Favicons:
    • 16px x 16px
    • 32px x 32px
    • 48px x 48px
  • Website Horizontal
    • 250px x 150px
    • 350px x 75px
    • 400px x 100px
  • Website Square or Vertical:
    • 160px x 160px

Logo Sizes for Mobile Devices

Mobile App Icons

  • iPhone 6S, 6+, 7+: 180 px x 180 px
  • iPad: 152 px x 152 px
  • Android: 192 px x 192 px
  • Windows: 62 px x 62 px

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Mobile App Icons

If you have other logo dimensions that you think should be added, please leave a comment.