Best Practices for Logo Sizes

Best Practices for Structuring Your Logo Design Project Vector Format.¬†Request your logo designer provide¬†a vector version of your logo. This allows for editing and changes later on. Vector Programs. The master file should be required in a¬†vector program¬†such as Illustrator … Continued

MYSQL Dump from Command Line

Upated Instruction 1/31/2019 Basic mysqldump command. The -p flag will prompt you for your password later. Fill in the example_text with your info. mysqldump -u user_name -p database_name > desired_file_name.sql To dump a database from a remote database host you … Continued

How to remove ESlLnt on Sage WordPress Theme

You need to disable eslint in the /theme-name/resources/assets/build/webpack.base.conf.js. Here’s what you file probably looks like. *This file is from a Sage 9 alpha version, so your’s might be different. Welcome to the open-source life lol. ‘use strict’; // eslint-disable-line const … Continued