Robots Text WordPress Sitemap

How to add a Robots.txt with a sitemap to Your WordPress Website Here’s an example of the code for a robots text will that will allow all search engines to search the website. Using an FTP client and any text … Continued

How to Install CURL on Ubuntu

It’s very easy. From the terminal use the follwing apt-get command. Then restart apache or nginx, whichever you’re running. I also saw someone post on Stack Overflow that you can just use this command. However, I the first one I … Continued

Finding Free Premium Web Fonts

This is a list of sites that are extremely helpful for finding the great fonts to use for web design and for graphic design. Many of these sites will let you generate free text samples, which you can use in … Continued

WordPress Nginx Server Configuration Files

Example File for a WordPress + Nginx Server Configuration You can use these files for a high perfomrance WordPress server configuration. The configuration uses Nginx, Varinish caching and the W3 Total Cache Plugin. The Github page also contains a link … Continued

Install PHP Mcrypt

To install PHP Mcrypt simply enter the following terminal command via SSH. You will need the php5-mcrypt extension to be installed in order to run the SMTP WordPress plugin. This is useful for configuring your WordPress mail to run though … Continued